Chettinad Style Recipes

Chettinad style in cooking refers to a culinary style that originated in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, India. The cuisine is known for its spicy and aromatic flavours and its use of a wide variety of spices and herbs. Chettinad cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian, but vegetarian options are also available.

Some of the key ingredients used in Chettinad cooking include:

  • Spices: Various spices include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise, and nutmeg.
  • Herbs: Curry leaves, coriander leaves, and mint leaves are commonly used in Chettinad dishes.
  • Meat and seafood: Chettinad cuisine is known for using meats like chicken, mutton, and fish, as well as seafood like prawns and crabs.
  • Vegetables: Common vegetables used in Chettinad dishes include brinjal (eggplant), beans, carrots, and potatoes.
  • Rice: Rice is a staple food in Chettinad cuisine and is often served as biryani or pulao.
  • Coconut: Coconut is widely used in Chettinad cuisine as grated coconut or coconut milk.

Some popular Chettinad dishes include:

  • Chicken Chettinad: A spicy and flavorful chicken curry made with spices, onions, tomatoes, and coconut milk.
  • Chettinad Egg Curry: A hard-boiled egg curry made with spices and coconut milk.
  • Fish fry: Marinated fish pieces are coated with spices and shallow fried until crispy.
  • Chettinad Vegetable Biryani: A flavorful and aromatic biryani made with basmati rice, vegetables, and spices.

Chettinad cuisine is known for its bold flavours and unique blend of spices, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy spicy and flavorful dishes.