HOT spice

Hot spice in cooking refers to a level of spiciness considered quite intense and can create a burning sensation in the mouth. The heat is often derived from chilli peppers containing a compound called capsaicin that produces a burning sensation when ingested.

Some common ingredients that can add heat to a dish include:

  1. Cayenne pepper: This spice is made from ground cayenne chillies and has a bright, fiery flavour.

  2. Red pepper flakes: These are made from crushed red chilli peppers and add a pungent, spicy kick to dishes.

  3. Thai chillies: These small, thin peppers are often used in Southeast Asian cuisine and pack a spicy punch.

  4. Jalapenos: These green chillies are commonly used in Mexican cuisine and have a milder spice than other chilli peppers.

Dishes considered "hot" are popular in many cuisines worldwide and can be enjoyed by those with a high tolerance for spicy foods. However, it's important to note that some people may find hot spice levels too intense, and it's always best to adjust the spiciness to your taste.